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At Llanfyllin High School our motto, Bid Ben Bid Bont, reflects our aspiration, through mutual support and challenge, to develop leadership in all. We aim to assist all our students to fulfil their individual potential, to find new talents and to develop a love for learning.

Through respect and tolerance we develop a personalised learning environment. Staff and students strive to ensure that no student is excluded or discriminated against. We offer an engaging curriculum and a wide range of learning opportunities that develop an independent ability to apply knowledge and skills. We aim to deliver inspirational teaching, based on evidence of what works.

Llanfyllin High School is a bilingual school.  Both Welsh and English play an important part in the life of the school and members of staff and students are encouraged to communicate bilingually in as many formal and informal situations as possible.

We have high expectations in terms of work, achievement and conduct. The ultimate aim is that all students become discerning and independent learners, possessing the skills required to take an active and successful role in their communities in the 21st century.

Mr Ll. Thomas, Acting Headteacher

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GCSEPod is now available at Llanfyllin High School! We have subscribed to the award-winning service to give your child access to thousands of hours of professionally produced, audio-visual content which will benefit them throughout the coming year.  

GCSEPod has over 4,000 teacher-written, audio-visual pods which have been produced specifically for learning, homework and revision. The Pods contain all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that your child needs for GCSE success. They won’t need to use GCSEPod for long to see the impact; in fact, consistent use of just 10 minute chunks is proven to support achievement whatever your child’s target grade is.

The GCSEPod website can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and PCs and the Pods can be downloaded for offline viewing. The Pods are mapped to the curriculum and students can access pre-set exam playlists which collate all the Pods relevant to a specific exam into a neatly organised list.  

Once your child has activated their account they can browse the Pod library and create their own playlists – just as they would when they’re listening to music. We recommend that you discuss GCSEPod with your son or daughter to ensure that they have successfully activated their accounts and encourage them to make use of this service throughout their GCSEs.

Once logged in, students can search for Pods by keyword, a specific exam or subject area.  

For more ways you can help support your child using GCSEPod, visit www.gcsepod.com/parents where you’ll find lots more information and resources. If you have any questions regarding GCSEPod please contact Mr Chris Gethin who is GCSEPod Lead for the school.

For specific technical advice please use the help pages on the website or contact us directly at the school.

We’re looking forward to helping your child get the best from this new resource!

Climate Change Event at the School

Climate Change Event at the School - March 23rd   7.00 p.m 

Are we ready to face the climate challenge? We invite you to a free screening of the 2016 WWF-UK Living Planet Lecture by Prof. Johan Rockstrom, introduced by Sir David Attenborough. We hope to use this lecture as a starting point for discussion about our responsibilities as global citizens, and our own local responses to the challenge of climate change.

We are planning another event (likely a march in solidarity with climate scientists in the face of climate scepticism) to coincide with World Earth Day on April 22nd, and would love to use this event to recruit some volunteers and come up with ideas.
Please come along if you want to get involved in any way!

To find out more about our project visit www.llanfyllin.sector39.co.uk

Purchasing School Uniform

Llanfyllin High School are joining many other schools in providing online and in-shop purchasing of school uniform.  So from 27th February, after Half Term, school uniform will no longer be available to purchase from the School premises.  Instead uniform may be obtained either online, over the telephone or in person from School Shop Direct, Unit 13, 17-18 Sundorne Trade Park, Featherbed Lane, Shrewsbury, SY1 4NS and from the end of March school uniform may also be purchased online from Trutex Direct. 

We believe that the service from both suppliers will be both easy to use and convenient- when fully set up they will be able to offer more choice and will not have the stocking problems that we have had at the School. 

A new school uniform brochure will be provided by Trutex, who are the school’s supplier and who have committed to stocking our uniform; they will also provide sponsorship for our School Fund on each order placed.  The brochure will detail the price of uniform and the sizes that are available.  The prices at School Shop Direct are shown on their website and may vary very slightly from the Trutex Direct prices.  Non school uniform items as shown in the brochure will also be available to purchase from either outlet. 


We know that many parents prefer to order online, so this service will be available from both School Shop Direct and from Trutex Direct. 

To purchase from School Shop Direct you may visit their shop, telephone them on 01743 440449 or order online at www.schoolshopdirect.co.uk.

To purchase from Trutex Direct, log on to www.trutexdirect.com and at the password prompt type in LEA01001SC .  This will take you to the Llanfyllin School uniform page where you can see all items of our school uniform.  Alternatively you can order from Trutex Direct by phone by calling 01200 421206. 


Both outlets will deliver directly to your home or to a specified delivery address.  Delivery from School Shop Direct will cost £3.50 or will be free if delivered to the School address.  Delivery from Trutex will be free for orders over £50.

We believe that the new service will give parents more choice and a better service than that which the School have hitherto been able to provide.




Sixth Form

Please click here to view more information about our school's sixth form.

Sixth Form

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