Bilingual School

We at Ysgol Uwchradd Llanfyllin, are fully committed to maintaining a warm Welsh ethos in terms of language and culture. This reflects the fact that the Welsh language, heritage and traditions are an integral part of the community and our national identity. All students have the opportunity to leave the school with a firm grounding in Welsh.

We encourage the use of Welsh in day-to-day school life, and all communication is in Welsh and English, both internally and externally. The school is rightly proud of its Welsh culture and heritage as well as its place in Welsh education; we seek to recognise this in as many ways as possible.  Our aim is to provide a stimulating bilingual environment.

We are grateful to all parents for their full commitment to this from the outset and we appreciate their continued support throughout each pupil’s association with the school. Bilingualism is also a significant aid to learning, as research indicates that bilingualism increases children’s capacity for learning.