Classical Civilisation

What is Classical Civilisations?

The study of Classical Civilisations is the study of the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds during the Classical periods of their history. In essence it is a history subject but it is very diverse in its approach to looking at these ancient civilisations. Classics uses art and architecture, religion, literature and archaeology to analyse and explore the Greek and Roman Worlds. Due its broad approach it complements many other subject, including, English literature, History, Art and Religious studies. The study of the Classical Worlds is also a study of our own Western European Culture as the origins of so many elements of our society and culture are credited to these periods of Greek and Roman history. Classical Civilisations is available to study at GCSE and A’ Level.

Key Stage 4

The Classical Civilisations GCSE course is a mixture of Civilisation and literature topic and combines elements of both Greek and Roman units. In year 10 pupils study two units. Firstly, Athens and Sparta looking at two contemporary but different Greek cities. An exam is taken at the end of year 10 to complete this unit.  Secondly, Homer’s Iliad, on which a controlled assessment coursework essay is based. In year 11 the third exam unit is Greek Tragedy, a study of Euripides’ play Medea. The final exam unit in year 11 is a Roman archaeology topic, Pompeii and Herculaneum, examining daily life in ancient Rome through the archaeological remains of these two cities.

Key Stage 5

The Classical Civilisations A’ Level course is comprised of 4 units; two in year 12 are AS Units and two in year 13  for A2. The AS course units are one on the study of Greek architecture and sculpture and one on Homer’s Odyssey, a mixture of art and literature. The A2 course units are one on Greek Tragedy, the study of 4 plays by Euripides and Sophocles, and one on Alexander the Great, a military history unit. There is a diverse range of topics and themes that challenges the most able and academic students.

Extra Curricular

There are opportunities within the course for invaluable excursions such a theatre trips where the plays are available and a London trip to the British Museum. In addition a week long Trip to Greece is being set up to run in the October half term.