Key Stage 3

In Year 7 Geography is taught in mixed ability groups. The main topics covered are Map reading, Settlement, Population, Rivers and Flooding and Exploring Wales. Year 8 pupils are taught by subject specialist teachers in groups banded by ability. Ecosystems, Brazil, Crime, ‘Fantastic Places’ such as Antarctica, the EU and Italy are all topics completed in Year 8. In Year 9 we study Globalization, Tectonics and Development and carry out an investigation into a contemporary theme in Geography. Good progress is made through the levels by the large majority of students in KS3. The syllabus aims to develop knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues whilst also enhancing academic study skills.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students complete and are examined through the WJEC GCSE Geography Syllabus A course. The Geography groups are mixed ability and students have the opportunity to consolidate their learning on various fieldtrips, including Shrewsbury, Snowdonia, Cardiff Bay and Ynys Las. Most students achieve a standard significantly above their expected grades.

Key Stage 5

Students complete the WJEC GCE AS and A Level Geography course which offers a wide range of possibilities regarding academic development. For example, the course offers a rigorous academic approach to the subject through the use of contemporary texts and sources, fieldwork and decision making exercises.

Results are excellent at A2.

Welsh Medium

Geography is taught in both English and Welsh at Key Stage 3 and 4 and as part of Trisgol for Welsh medium in Key Stage 5.


The department is well resourced. One room is equipped with an electronic whiteboard and data projectors are installed in all rooms to provide teachers with the opportunity to enhance the delivery of the Geography curriculum. All Geography teachers are supplied with powerful tablet style personal computers. As a subject that changes frequently, we ensure that resources are updated and schemes of work are adapted and enhanced each year. The Department is continuously adding to its range of practical fieldwork equipment and library of specialist software for fieldwork analysis.