Key Stage 3

Classes in Year 7 are initially taught in four mixed ability English medium tutor groups and one Welsh medium.  The English medium groups are taught in two pairs and after the first half-term each pair is split into a Higher and Foundation set.  At the start of Year 8 the English medium pupils are placed into four or five sets (depending on year group size) and the Welsh into two.  This arrangement continues into Year 9. The progress of pupils is traced and movements made between the sets made if necessary.

Key Stage 4

Pupils can study GCSE maths through the medium of English or Welsh. Since 2015 all pupils embark on the dual-award maths GCSE course. This involves the vast majority of pupils taking two qualification; GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Numeracy.  Pupils continue to be taught in sets (four/five English and 2 Welsh) aiming to sit at Higher (Grades A*-D), Intermediate (Grades B-E) or Foundation (Grades D-G) Tier.  All pupils will sit one of the two GCSEs for the first time in November of Year 11 and some pupils will sit both. In the summer of Year 11 the other GCSE will be sat along with the opportunity to resit the November exam if needed. For many years the department has been very successful at GCSE gaining 70-80% grades A*-C in most years.  Pupils in Year 11 who intend to study maths in the sixth form are given the opportunity to study the additional mathematics course which leads to an additional qualification.

Key Stage 5

Maths is a popular subject in the sixth form with a number of courses available.  In Y12 students study AS Mathematics and in addition can study AS Further Mathematics. In Year 13 students study A level Mathematics and in addition can study A level Further Mathematics. From September 2017 new WJEC AS/A Level courses will be delivered for the first time. These will differ from the previous Edexcel courses in that there will be a greater emphasis on problem solving and application of maths in the real world.  Over recent years the A level result have been well above national and regional averages.  Currently pupils can only study Maths through the medium of English at Llanfyllin but Welsh medium delivery can be offered at Caereinion High School through the Trisgol partnership.


Higher ability pupils from Year 7 - Year 13 are given the opportunity to take part in several national maths challenges / competitions each year. Sixth form students are given opportunities to attend events organised by the Further Maths Support Programme in locations such as Manchester and Aberystwyth.


There are six maths classrooms, which are all equipped with data projectors to compliment staff tablet PCs or laptops. The department has exclusive use of a set of 22 netbook computers which can be booked out for lessons.