Media Studies

Key Stage 4

GCSE Media Studies is currently an option at KS4. The course covers a wide range of engaging topics including genre texts, magazines, television, radio and advertising.  Coursework consists of three assignments, for each assignment there is a theoretical and practical element. The final grade has a weighting of 60% controlled assessment and 40% examination. The coursework includes textual investigations and evaluation, and practical production. Media Studies will enable students to develop their enjoyment of media texts. In addition they will develop a framework for critical analysis of meanings and contexts in all aspects of media content.

Areas of study

Media forms and representations Media organisations Media audiences

Key Stage 5

Media Studies continues to grow in popularity at AS and A Level. The course is an attractive mix of academic and practical work, consisting of the analysis and production of texts from different genres and eras. In both Years 12 and Year 13, coursework constitutes 50% of the overall grade. This gives students ample opportunity to produce their own media texts.

Extra Curricular

The department celebrates the achievements of Media Studies pupils in the School's annual "Lloscars" (The Llanfyllin Oscars). The department also organises film screenings through the local community.


The department has digital video cameras and editing software. Pupils can use these to film and produce short films for both GCSE and AS Level coursework.