Key Stage 3

Pupils have one lesson every week of music. Music is taught in units every half term approximately e.g. Elements of Music, Graphic Notation, Fanfares, Reggae, Blues, and the Music of Wales. Elements of performing (singing and instrumental), composition and Appraising are assessed in each unit. 

Key Stage 4

Music is chosen as an option. Pupils currently receive 5 lessons per cycle in year 10 and 4 lessons per cycle in year 11. We follow the WJEC specification. The course is built on 4 Areas of Study - Music for ensemble, Film Music, Pop Music and Musical Forms and Devices. Pupils are assessed for composing, performing and Appraising music.

Key Stage 5

Music is offered as an AS and A level subject.  Music is taught through Trisgol.  English medium classes are taught in Welshpool High School and the Welsh medium classes alternate between Llanfyllin and Caereinion High Schools.  The pupils will follow the WJEC specification.

Welsh Medium

Music is taught both through the medium of Welsh and English in all key stages.

Extra Curricular

Students are encouraged to participate in numerous musical events both vocally and instrumentally. There is a school band, choir and many other groups formed for specific events throughout the year.


The department has a large well equipped music room and two smaller practice rooms. In addition to a good selection of keyboards, guitars and other instruments the department has 6 computers running Sibelius and Cubasis software.


The department achieves results that are regularly above the local and national averages.