Our School Aims

Central to the aims of our school are the people within it.  We aim to be consistent in:-

  • seeking to recognise the individuality and uniqueness of every child and aiming to develop to the full the aptitudes, strengths and particular interests of each pupil.
  • developing the whole child, irrespective of his/her age, language, ability or belief establishing an ethos for learning which will encourage the growth of the whole person.
  • providing a continuum of new experiences which will foster intellectual growth across the curriculum to hopefully open up new worlds and new horizons for pupils.
  • making students aware of the cultural diversity around them and to encourage the bilingual character of the establishment.
  • providing a climate for growth based on effort, achievement and praise.
  • providing equality of opportunity across the curriculum for all students.
  • being a centre for community affairs and to involve as many people as possible in the day to day life of the school.
  • providing each student with the experience of being a member of a responsible, happy and caring community.
  • giving due regard to extra curricular activities that encourage initiative, creativity, sharing and a sense of fellowship.  
  • encouraging parents as partners in the educational process.
  • identifying and removing barriers for pupils with disabilities and special needs, and nuturing an Inclusive caring community.

Everything we do at Llanfyllin is designed to achieve these aims.