With experienced staff, a strong track record of excellent results, psychology is one of the most popular subjects in the Llanfyllin High School sixth form. 

Key Stage 5
Psychology is currently only offered at Key Stage 5. The department follows the WJEC specification at AS and A Level with a take up of approximately 40–50 students out of a year group of approximately 100 students.

YEAR 12 (AS)

  1. Main approaches / Explanations of behaviour including:-

    Biological approach e.g. genetics
    Psychodynamic approach e.g. childhood
    Behaviourist approach e.g. rewards /punishment
    Cognitive approach e.g. thoughts and perceptions
    Positive approach e.g. the good life

  2. Therapies relating to these approaches e.g. drug therapy, psychoanalysis
  3. Research methods

YEAR 13 (A2)

  • Addiction
  • Stress
  • Criminal Behaviour
  • Controversies
  • Research methods

Welsh Medium Provision

The psychology department is able to support Welsh speaking students but currently the course is only examined through the medium of English.


The department is very proud of its achievements, always achieving very well in comparison to both local and national measures of performance.


The psychology department has a dedicated psychology room with wirelessly networked electronic whiteboard facilities.