Special Educational Needs

We are firmly committed to providing an appropriate curriculum for all our pupils. SEN provision is organised according to the “Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales” model. This consists of three thresholds of need and provision: School Action, School Action Plus and Statemented Provision. Powys LEA also maintains an additional threshold: School Concern which is used to keep class teachers aware of pupils’ special needs.

Llanfyllin High School is committed to a policy of integrating all pupils into mainstream classes, so there is no separate SEN class or unit. Instead we have a Learning Support Team to meet the needs of all those with additional learning needs. They meet the needs of these pupils by providing in-class support for pupils identified by a statement of SEN and individual/small group withdrawal teaching for pupils whose literacy and numeracy are below the average expected for their chronological age, in order to maximise their accessibility of a broad and balanced curriculum. The team also runs intensive spelling lessons during morning registration time for pupils in years in KS3.

The SEN team assist and advise teachers in delivering dyslexia friendly lessons and offer withdrawal for those dyslexics who need extra support. Our in-class support provision is supplemented by year 12 and 13 volunteers. Pupils with SEN are also supported in tests and exams where they meet the Exam Board criteria.

The school ensures that pupils with physical disabilities have access to all curriculum areas. The school has two lifts to enable access to the first floor and where there are different levels within the buildings, ramps enable access. 
A Senior member of Staff is responsible for promoting the educational achievement of looked after children.