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In 2007 the Headteachers of Caereinion, Llanfyllin and Welshpool High Schools recognised that there could be much to gain from working in partnership for the benefit of their students. This led to the development of TRISGOL – three schools working in partnership. Initially consideration was given to shared courses and extra curricular experiences for pupils. This resulted in a wider choice and a greater range of subjects being offered to our learners through the medium of English and Welsh. The development of Bilingual education is a strong feature of the partnership. Sharing of best practice and developing the teacher workforce in each school ensures the highest quality of provision across all three.

As a result of working together, we have been able to provide a range of valuable educational experiences for our students that may not have been possible otherwise. Sharing resources and staff has also resulted in achieving good value for money and future sustainability in our local area.

As we continue to build a strong relationship between our staff and students, representatives of the governing bodies of the three schools have now formed a joint TRISGOL governance group who now work together under a formal agreement.

The TRISGOL approach is an innovative way of working which has gained considerable praise and support locally and across the region. As you will be aware, our three schools are amongst the highest performing schools in Wales and by working together we see this as a key opportunity to improve standards further.

Once again this year we will be offering courses taught at Caereinion High School or Welshpool High School. These will be clearly identified during the option process over the coming weeks, as will the vocational courses at NPTC Newtown Campus which students will be able to travel to Newtown to access.

Transport between sites is organised by the Local Authority.