About The Sixth Form

Llanfyllin High School has a long standing track record of supporting students to achieve their full potential while studying ‘A’ levels or their equivalent. The Sixth Form at Llanfyllin has a well -deserved reputation for success. We provide an environment that is both conducive to hard work and high achievement whilst being conscious of the need to develop independence and take on greater responsibility. We provide a place where you will have a very high standard of education, be supported by a team of strong tutors and teachers, and have access to a wide range of enrichment activities, while being in a supportive and caring learning environment.
We believe at Llanfyllin that if relationships are right and work well, all else will follow.  Pupils are at their happiest working hard for teachers they like and respect, who encourage and challenge them to do their best. In the Sixth Form we pride ourselves on the fact that there are excellent working relationships between all staff and students. We have a very experienced and committed staff of specialist subject teachers who deliver well-resourced AS, A2 level and level 3 BTEC courses which provide a wide range of opportunities for progression from GCSE and BTEC level 2. Students’ school work is supported by a strong tutor team and a willingness from staff to be available to discuss subject content and learning difficulties at any time. We have a very experienced Sixth Form teaching team who will encourage and support students throughout their time here. We have a high success rate of getting students into their chosen universities post Sixth Form.

We strongly believe that post-16 study is not just about succeeding in exams; it is about establishing yourself as an independent learner, with a range of skills which will allow future progress in whatever area that you decide to follow. Our experience confirms that this Sixth Form provides the student with the opportunity to mature and develop academically and socially. You will enjoy a greater degree of flexibility and choice but you will also be expected to reap the benefits of taking on a good deal more responsibility as a learner.
On leaving Llanfyllin, students will have the skills that they require to experience success in the future. Over the years we have had students go to a huge variety of Universities across the length and breadth of the UK, and experienced numerous successes in all areas. We are very proud of the strong, dynamic, independent learners that leave Llanfyllin, who we know will continue to develop later on in life due to the skills they have acquired with us.